Frequently asked questions

Are There Any Charges Associated With Hiring ?

NO . There are No Charges Associated with Hiring for Beautiful Concepts . Incase you receive any such request , Please email us details at HR@BeautifulConceptsCo.com

Are There Any Work From Home Options ?

YES . At this Point All of our Job Opportunities at for Work From Home Only .

Do I need to come to the office for my interviews ?

NO , At Present we are Not Conducting any In-Person Interviews . All Short Listed Candidates are emailed an Invitation For An Interview along with Scheduling Links and Instructions .

Will the company provide me with a computer system & reimbursements ?

NO . New Employees are required to have their own Computers / Desktops A Dedicated Area To Work Broadband / Wifi Internet The Company Provides Work Training & In-Hand Salaries Only For Work From Home Employees .

Is There A Training Period ?

Yes . Each Selected Candidate must Undergo a 15 Day Training / Trial Period .

Is The Training Period Paid or Un-Paid ?

The Training Period is Paid .

Is There Any Bond That Needs To Be Signed ?

We Do Not Have Any Bonds That Need to Be Signed . All Employees are free to leave at any point by providing us with a resignation letter . HOWEVER, We do have a Work Contract that Includes Terms of Employment , Payment Details , Etc . The Minimum Term of Work Contract is 6 Months .

What is the Term of the Work Contract ?

We Expect Candidates to Work With Us For A Minimum Period Of 6 Months . Employee's are Free to Resign At Any Time .

What Happens If I Resign Before 6 Months ?

If an Employee Needs To Resign Before 6 Months , He/She can simply email a resignation letter to hr@beautifulconceptsco.com 45 Days prior to leaving . The company withholds the 1st 15 days pay of the training period as security deposit , if for any reason any employee does not complete their 6 months duration the company reserves the right to forfeit the deposit . Candidates who are prone to jumping jobs and are looking for temporary jobs are not our ideal candidates .