App Services

- All plans include a customized workout plan on the YogaVational app. 

- Christian fitness plans available.


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Fit Women

2 For 1 February Special $150 

Join with a friend and receive a workout plan designed to keep you both focused on your health & fitness goals. You will receive a call from your Personal Trainer to set up both your plans. Both fitness plans 

will be on the YogaVational app.


Zoom Session


(Duration: 55 minutes)

Options: Personal Training, Yoga, Rehabilitation Workouts, or Meditation.

Max: 3 people Per Zoom Session

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Personal Training Plan



- Personal Training Plan on the app.
- Program offers Personal Training.
- 1 45- minute Zoom session with  Personal Trainer 
Audrene in the first 30 days.
- $5 Discount for Personal Training Zoom sessions
 (55 minutes).


Everything Fitness Plan



- Personal Training Plan on the app

 -Program offers Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates,  Zumba, Meditation, motivational speeches & more.

- 1 45-minute Zoom session with Personal Trainer Audrene in the first 30 days. 
- $5 Discount on Personal Trainering Zoom sessions (55 minute).