2 for 1

Valentines Special

Entry Deadline December 31, 2020

  • All fitness levels welcomed. 

  • This is a Self Fitness Challenge. 

  • Dates: Mon. January 4th - Sun. January 24th

  • $10 from each contestant will be set aside for the two raffle winners.

  • For 21 days you'll have a custom fitness plan.

  • You will pick from two daily fitness workouts. 

  • In order to be entered into the raffle at the end of the challenge, you'll have to press "SAVE" daily after each workout on the YogaVational app. 

  • If you miss one day in the challenge, you will still be in the challenge but your name will be removed from the raffle. 

  • Raffle Prize options: Amazon Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card or Zelle Transfer.

The more people enter, the more money you can win.

So, share this with your family & Friends for added motivation!